Hi my name is Kade Irwin, and this is my fourth mission trip. I started the day waking up earlier than I would like, to look forward to the long day ahead. I got in the car and followed a truck with Kyle. The truck was loud and dirty and didn’t catch my attention of something that would later mean a lot to me. At first I was hesitant of the people I was to be working with, but right as the work started, I saw their passion in their work. Their job was not a job to them; it was laughs and problem solving and a way to connect with the community. The house we went to did not have a kitchen floor and just had a large hole where many people’s kitchen would be. I didn’t see the progress ahead, but as hours passed and sweat was shed, I saw a kitchen being formed. The sub floor was standing beneath me upon where a hole and dirt used to be. The day was filled with struggles like the water breaking and dogs getting in the way, but we got through it. I felt a lot closer to God today from seeing my results and seeing my effort turn into someone’s home and something to keep someone else safe. Day one was a success for me!

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