High School Mission Trip (Iowa)

Geist Christian Church

High School Youth Mission Trip

Christian Conference Center: Newton, IA

July 3-9, 2022

For our second 2022 youth mission trip, our High School Youth will travel to the Christian Conference Center in Newton, IA. While there, our High School youth will experience life at a Disciples of Christ summer camp while giving back. Our week at the camp will consist of multiple construction projects such as re-roofing, helping build a boat house, reconstructing bridges, and painting. While at the camp we will discuss what it means to connect to God through nature as well as serving others. Throughout the week we will balance work with fun as we swim, fish, hike, go bowling, and more! Our week will end with a bang at Iowa’s best theme and water park, Adventureland for a day of rides and food.

As we near the date of the trip, a packing list will be provided. The youth are limited to two bags due to our capacity in the vans.

Mission Trip Prep Meeting: Sunday, May 15th at 4:00 (Promise Road Campus)

All youth are required to attend the Mission Trip Prep Meeting along with a parent or guardian on Sunday, May 15th at 4:00pm at the Promise Road Campus. At this time medical forms and trip covenants will be filled out and signed. Deposits for the trips will also be due on this date. Further details such a deeper look into schedules, a packing list, and time for Q&As will be shared.

Schedule Overview

July 3, 2022              Meet at Mud Creek Campus at noon (please eat lunch before or bring one to eat on the bus)

July 4-7, 2022           Work days, fun at camp and in Newton

July 8, 2022              Day at Adventureland Theme and Water Park

July 9, 2022.             Drive back to Indianapolis, arriving at Mud Creek ~6pm


Your deposit of $200 for the Iowa mission trip is due on May 1, 2022 at the Mission Trip Prep Meeting. The final payment of $250 (totaling $450) for this mission trip is due by June 5, 2022. The youth will need to cover at least two meals during the trip, one on the road and another at Adventureland. I also encourage them to bring some spending money for snacks and souvenirs throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

What has me excited about this trip are two major things. The first is the opportunity for some really hard work and just as much fun and relaxing. Working and staying at the camp provides lots of room to really put the phrase “work hard, play hard” to the test. The CCC has lots of opportunities for our youth to get their hands dirty and build amazing things at the camp. At the same time the camp and the town of Newton have so many fun things to do for the week. Our youth will really get to explore the idea and practice of Sabbath. The second thing is invitation to connect with God through nature. Being surround by all the God created can be so good for the soul. I am excited to get to explore with our youth how connecting with all that God has created deepens their relationship with God, one another, and themselves.

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