High School Mission Trip (Mayfield)

Geist Christian Church

High School Youth Mission Trip

Mayfield, KY (Tornado Relief Work)

July 2-8, 2022

For their 2023 youth mission trip, our High School Youth will travel to Mayfield, KY. In December of 2021, tornados ripped through the area and caused devastation. The community is continuing to recover from these storms. We won’t know exactly what work we will be doing until we get there, it is important to be flexible to what the community needs. We do know for sure that it will be labor-intensive, from debris clean up to building up structures. Our youth will be spending their week praying for this community with their hands and feet while helping them set themselves up for a bright future.

Mission Trip Prep Meeting: Sunday, April 30th at 4:00 (Promise Road Campus)

All youth are required to attend the Mission Trip Prep Meeting along with a parent or guardian on Sunday, April 30th at 4:00pm at the Promise Road Campus. At this time medical forms and trip covenants will be filled out and signed. Deposits for the trips will also be due on this date. Further details such a deeper look into schedules, a packing list, and time for Q&As will be shared.

To ensure we have space for everyone and their things on the bus, each person will be limited to one duffle bag and one backpack/purse. A packing list and more details on our accommodations will be shared as we approach the trip.

Schedule Overview

July 2nd            Meet at Mud Creek Campus at noon

(please eat lunch before or bring one to eat on the bus)

July 3rd-6th          Work days

July 7th             Free day

July 8th           Drive back to Indianapolis, arriving at Mud Creek around 4pm


Your deposit of $200 for the High School Mission Trip is due on Sunday, April 30th at the Mission Trip Prep Meeting. The final payment of $275 (totaling $475) for this mission trip is due on or before Sunday, June 4th. The youth will need to cover at least two meals during the trip. I also encourage them to bring some spending money for snacks and souvenirs throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

This will be such a fun trip for our high school youth! It will be hard, hands-on work. I think this trip will give them an opportunity to see tangibly how their efforts can make a difference. I am excited to learn with our youth what it means to pray with our hands and feet. It is just as important as praying with our words. As we move debris or build new structures with this community, we are actively praying with our actions for the future of the community. For as much as we will work hard, there will also be opportunities to rest well and play just as hard. I know this will be a formative and fun week for our high school youth.

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