New Construction

Hi my name is Sami Seifferlein, and this is my third mission trip with Geist Christian Church. This year we traveled to Hazard, Kentucky. Today was our first work day, and we went to a site that was building a house for a family with 6 children. The foundation for the house was already built so our job was mostly hammering nails into wood, making the basic structure for the walls and ceilings. Although today I found out that hammering nails is not one of my strong suits, I still enjoyed being able to help around the site doing whatever was needed. Some of the family that was house was being given to even stopped by to say hello. It was really cool being able to physically see the family in person and experience their gratitude and thankfulness for what we were doing first hand. Although the heat seemed to be brutal at times, Mary Jo’s spray fan saved us throughout the day. Although the heat caused us to take many breaks, we still made a lot of progress in the 6-ish hours we were there, including starting building their front porch. It was amazing being able to see the excitement on the mom’s face after seeing her soon-to-be front porch. Today I saw God in the nature surrounding us as we worked. Throughout the day, butterflies flew around the work cite and even landed on a few of us multiple times. Although these butterflies seem like an insignificant thing, they were a good reminder of the beauty of the nature God has created, even in an underprivileged area like Hazard. So far this trip has made me appreciate the opportunities I get back at home in Fishers, and I feel really lucky to be growing up/raised in such a great area. Mission trips like these keep me grounded, and I am very appreciative for the opportunity to be able to help others. I can’t wait to see the progress on the house we’re working on this week!

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