After our exhausting hike, we needed to refuel, so we went to Miguel’s pizza. They had delicious pizza with a variety of ingredients where you customize your pizza. kyle introduced us to Ale8, and it was surprisingly good. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
from Jeff’s group(the T Swizzle Jam Band)

Kentucky Refugee Ministry

Today made us realize how much struggle immigrants go through to find a safer place to live. Immigrants have to fill out much more paperwork than we imagined. In most situations, it can take years even to get accepted. One of our speakers said that, on average, it could take 2 to 20 years to be accepted. We knew that there were many challenges in immigration, but today gave us a new perspective.

Since immigrants go through such a struggle to find a safer home, we should do what we can to help out. Even the most minor tasks could make a bit of a difference. As small tasks help us, Taylor Swift’s (t swizzle) songs help us through emotional times. Some examples of things we can do are to write a school paper about immigration since it’s not talked about as much as other issues.

The Hike

The hike we did was an experience I will never forget. Even though it was frustrating with all the bruises and headaches due to the heat and thorns, the views were worth it.

It was interesting to listen to the wilderness and the sounds of nature. When we got to the best view, it was terrific to be mesmerized by the mountains and birds that flew by. It’s hard to explain how beautiful this hike was. Just know that almost everything is worth it in the end.
From Bella:)