Morning Work

This morning we went to Head Start. Ashlyn, Kyle, Jeff, and I cleaned out a classroom for the teachers. We cleaned tables, chairs, and cabinets. We even went to Patch senior center to have some snacks.


This morning I went to St. Agnes apartment building to do some gardening for the lady who runs the garden. She had a concussion so she couldn’t do it. We weeded and watered the beds of flowers for her. She was so happy when we had finished with the weeding. She was a super nice lady. We even got to pet her dog Joey. Today was really fun.


A Review of Monday

This morning we went to a garden! It was a fun experience and much better than I expected! Later, we served the homeless. This was such a humbling experience and was very fulfilling to see the faces light up when I gave homeless their baby clothes and shoes! – Harmony

In the evening we got the opportunity to help an organization that feeds and helps the homeless or people who can’t afford the things we take for granted. We interacted and talked to the people there and saw how their lives may be that day. It gave me a great understanding of how lucky I really am. You got to see the happiness on their faces when they got new shoes or a meal for that day. It was truly an amazing experience. -Sidney

This morning we got to go to a food pantry! It was fresh food day, so the trucks were delivering food to the pantry. One of the things that stood out to me was that the people who were there to get food for themselves and their families also helped bring in all the food and help sort it on the tables. I helped bring in the food from the trucks, and we made an assembly line to pass the food down. It was a fun experience because we got to work with the people we were going to give food to later. Everyone one was so kind, and they all had smiles on their faces as we passed the food down, even when I would make a mistake. It was especially humbling to see their faces when I helped them pick out small bakery items because they were so happy and excited to choose their own baked good when we take that for granted all the time. This experience was truly eye opening. – Corinne

It’s an “Extra” kinda Day

GCC Jr High Mission Trip STL word of the day is ➡️EXTRA⬅️!

We have a lot of mission trip rookies that are EXTRA excited!

We are going to experience EXTRA heat and need EXTRA water!

Multiple youth described themselves using EXTRA in multiple ways.

Our accommodations at AMEN are EXTRA nice.

They’ll soon learn Kyle always have something EXTRA up his sleeve.

The demographics are a bit EXTRA on the youth girls (13 to 4) and EXTRA on the adult males (4 to 1).

We appreciate your EXTRA prayers this week for safety, health, and growth in faith as fellowship as we serve and learn in St Louis.

We are looking forward to an ➡️EXTRAordinary⬅️ week!

Opening Thoughts

Today, many of our Jr. High youth begin their first ever mission trip. I am exited to see how they grow this week. Here are some of their thoughts going into this week:

I’m excited to have the experience of helping others. I’m also excited to meet new people and make new friends.


I’m really excited to meet the people that we help and just to be in a new city/state. I’m also excited to challenge myself.

I’m really excited to help people that need it.

I’m very exited to see lots of smiles and happy faces

I’m excited to see all the different sites.

I’m really excited to help people and meet new people

I am really excited to have new experiences through helping people and hopefully learn more about myself throughout this week.

I’m excited and nervous because this is my first mission trip.

I am excited to meet new people and help people in need.

I’m excited to go out of my comfort zone and grow my faith.

I am exited to meet new people, help others, and work hard at different places!

I am looking forward to helping others, showing my faith, and making people smile because it makes me feel so good!