Goodbye Nashville!

Note from Sam: Sorry, this post is a couple days late. Really I just wasn’t ready to admit that our trip was over.

Kenzie (8th grade): On Friday we went to Country Music Hall of Fame. There was a Taylor Swift room and of course we were in there the longest. Then we recorded T Swift songs. Below or above is one of the recordings. Some of us got things at the gift shop. The church treated us to Jeni’s ice cream. Then we had lunch back at the house. We got to the lake and it was amazing. We skipped rocks, raced, showed our swimming off, TikTok’s, and much more. We sadly had to leave. Then we went to a book store for more souvenirs. We picked up Hattie B’s hot chicken for dinner. We all did our cleaning jobs. Then a quick round of catch phase and Mao. Dominic taught us officially how to play Mao. Then we headed to bed. We found out who the sleep talker was during the night but what happens on the mission trip stays on the mission trip. We woke up and packed the bus and started the journey back home. Before leaving the city we made a couple stops the first of which was to visit our friend, Walter, and pick up some copies of the current issue of the Contributor. Then Heather and Christina treated us to Five Daughter Donuts. Then back on the bus we are. BeReal update above or below. Overall best trip ever thanks to Sam, Taylor, and Dominic.

Friday’s BeReal Moment
Friday’s BeReal Moment (part 2)
Making a TikTok at the Lake!
Hattie B’s!
Made it back safe and sound!

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