My Day

I am Ava and I’m here to talk about my day. This is my second mission trip with Geist Christian Church. Today, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go to Hope Center to serve breakfast to disadvantaged men. It was incredibly eye opening to see that these people were living in poverty, but still smiling and thanking us for coming out to serve them breakfast. Later in the morning, we went to the Catholic Action Center. The Catholic Action Center is a shelter for homeless people to stay the night if they have no other place to stay. I went out into the park with some of my fellow youth to clean up the area. Many of the people who were staying at the shelter thanked us for helping them. We made the beds in some of the rooms at the shelter, and it was a very eye opening experience for me. Making the beds made me incredibly grateful that I have a home, and my own bed in my own room—and I don’t have to share it with 40 people I don’t know. After we were done at the shelter, we went to a summer camp and played with kids. Hanging out with them was also eye opening for me because we were able to have lunch with the kids, and one child told me this was the only meal he would get today. It made me sad to see these children of GOD living in such a difficult situation, but also grateful that they would at least get a meal thanks to the wonderful people who started the camp. That’s all for today, so thanks for reading! Have a very blessed day!!

Day 1: It was a good day.

Hello, I’m Isabel and I’m here on the Geist Christian Church mission trip for the second time. I’m writing with my sister, Anna, who’s on the trip for the first time. We’re excited to have arrived safely in Lexington with all our friends. As soon as we got here, we jumped right into the first of many fun activities we’ll get to do on this trip. The great thing about these activities is that they’re designed to help us understand the problems and emotions of the people we will be working with later this week. Tonight we engaged in a simulation of households living below the poverty line. The families were challenged with many different things, including: acquiring social security numbers, finding care for their children, finding a way to afford shelter, and sometimes even getting jobs. We learned the challenges of finding balance in such a difficult lifestyle. Hopefully, this will help us find empathy with families that struggle with these difficulties, and will help us to provide better service to them. After that, we enjoyed a gourmet dinner of pizza and salad. We played games with our friends and are about to enjoy a reflection of all we’ve done today. We hope to have a safe and memorable trip!