New Construction

Hey Everyone!

My name is Alice Miranda, I am an incoming freshman in college at Butler University. This is my last mission trip. This is my second time going to Hazard, Kentucky! My first mission trip was here exactly! We have had so much fun these last three days! This week has flown by very quickly. It is incredible to know how much as a group we have accomplished during these three days here. Today we were able to finish up four walls and put four of them up today! We can tell you that from today, we are still not experts in hammering in nails. We need the nail guns! With today’s circumstances we were rock stars pushing through. The weather today was incredibly hot and really did challenge us physically and mentally. I bet Kyle can tell you a quick story about the “meltdown” he had today if you ask him! Due to our group’s mentality and ability to work hard, we were able to put up four walls without any machines to help. On our way back to the church, we stopped by to grab some snow cones that were so needed after a long, hot day. We all are praying for some good weather to push through tomorrow!

(P.S. we are still continuing our Phase 10 game since Monday, let us say that we are all a bit competitive!)

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