Hi its Maddie Moore! I am going into my sophomore year at Mt. Vernon High School. My first mission trip that I went on was to Lexington, Kentucky, my second mission trip that I went on was to Washington D.C, and now I am on my third trip in Hazard, Kentucky. By far, this trip has been the most work out of all 3 trips. Before this trip, apparently I didn’t know what hard work was. I am in the smaller group of 4 that is working at a different work site than the rest of our youth. At this worksite we have been working on a roof, and today we finally finished!:) All of us have worked so well together. We were offered a break this afternoon but we declined because we were so close to being done. When all of us were done with the work, we came back to enjoy AMAZING shaved ice. We also experienced a traditional Appalachian meal that the church prepared for us. It was interesting to hear stories from the people who cooked the meal. Even though it has been a very long, hot, and tiring day it was so worth it. All in all this day was so awesome and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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