Demo Day in Iowa

This morning we pulled weeds on the camp’s putt putt course; many bruises were formed from the monstrous weeds. After that we tore down an old shed in the back of a full time employee’s home and deconstructed the screened-in patio to prep it to be re-screened. We broke for lunch (corn dogs and jello, a fan favorite) and headed back to finish our demo project. To get the shed down we had to attach it to the ATV and dragged it out of its corner, and in riveting turn of events the shed came down with little issues. During the tear down we were discarding some trash and discovered a small chipmunk living inside an old gutter. We ended with some ice cream and volleyball in the pool. Our day didn’t go by without a few injuries from rusty nails and dehydration, but we all made it out okay in the end. After dinner we had an exciting round of bowling and headed back for our evening devotion. In our devotional we discussed and visualized the importance of community and nature and how it is all connected to our faiths. To end the night we had a late night snack of pickles, with a few anti-pickle remarks.

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