Last Day of Service in Fort Worth

Hey y’all, I’m Hailey and I just graduated from Mt. Vernon High School so this is my last mission trip as a youth! Our last day of service here in Fort Worth, Texas started out with us going to the Water Garden for some interesting sight seeing and to talk about the things we could possibly do to continue our work her back at home. Then we headed over to help the folks at DRC Solutions distribute food to the residents in their apartments. There we met some very nice people and some even came back just to chitchat with us! After that we went back to the Refugees Services of Texas’ clubhouse to throw a party for the neighborhood kids. Next we ventured over to Neighborhood Needs to help out DeWitt in the Neighborhood Needs Community Garden. Then we ended our day with Fuzzy’s Tacos and devotion at the Modern Art Museum. An overall packed day but it feels good to be done, looking forward to our fun day tomorrow and all that it brings! And as Crystal would say, “have a good day, make good choices!”

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