An Impactful Day 3

The day started off bright and early at 7:00 a.m. Everyone had a delicious breakfast to begin the morning off right. The first activity of the day was right outside at the church’s community garden. We managed to pull some weeds out of the ground, pick some cherries and peas, shoveling some mulch, and cutting some tarp to put on the ground. Right after that, we managed to have some lunch and take a nice break in the air conditioning. After we settled and got cleaned up, we did our second activity of the day with the Refugee Services of Texas. The youth were separated into groups. The first group went out and did some grocery shopping for a refugee family of 13 people. This adventure took them to a Halal Meat Market where they met Hassan, the shop owner, who helped the group get the right cut meat to make the family feel at home. The other group went and delivered gifts for parents who have recently given birth or parents who are expecting. This group got to meet a few babies and some wonderful families After a long day of working, we headed back to the church to have some dinner provided by Sam’s parents. Today was an impactful day for all of us and we hope that tomorrow will be a fun last day working with refugees.

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