People at work

Hey y’all, I’m Hailey, I am an incoming senior at Mt. Vernon High School, and this is my 4th mission trip with GCC. I’m here to let you know what all’s been going on at our site the past 2 days!! Yesterday we were just a few lots away from where we were on Monday, but we were still surveying and laying the foundation for a new house to be built. Steve (our head contractor) even let me take over the surveyor, which was quite fun. I got to crack jokes with him instead of being the one to give him a hard time. For example, Phillip, one of our other contractors, told me to call him 2 brain because, according to Phillip, Steve only has two brain cells. Then we all learned how to tie together the wiring. We also helped with the concrete being poured for the foundation of the house, and that was about it for that site! Today we were at a new site doing something different. We were carrying the trusses for the roof over to the crane, which was being operated by Phillip, then he would send it on up to the other guys on the roof, and they would nail them in! Connor, Alex and Brady even got to go up onto the roof to hammer in some beams! After our long and hot work day, we got our teams for the bake off tomorrow and figured out what each group will be making…pray for good outcomes from my team *wink wink*! I cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us, should be an interesting day! Thanks for everyone’s love and support back at home. Goodnight. 🙂

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