Team Roof

Hi, everyone! I’m Maddie Moore, a graduated senior from Mt. Vernon High School, and I will be attending DePauw University in the fall.

Today I was in the roof group, which was awesome!

A quick little recap of the day… we started the day way earlier than expected (6:00 AM). My group got to Freddy’s house around 7:30 am, which is a little outside of Hazard, and we worked on his roof until about 1:15 PM. We finished half of one side of the roof, and will finish the other half tomorrow. Our contractors, Mark and Kevin, were amazing to work with and were very patient with us. Some of us really stepped outside of our comfort zones while working on a hot roof, ripping off old shingles and nails, then placing brand new shingles on. Fortunately, for me, I have previous experience on a roof because I did the same thing on my last mission trip to Hazard 3 years ago. I had a lot of Deja Vu moments of ripping off shingles with Taylor Burket in Summer 2018. Miss you, T!!

Lessons that we learned today from each member of #TeamRoof…

– Me (Maddie): I can’t nail in a straight line with a nail gun

-Robbie: Brought the nutrition facts to the group

-Carly: the biggest trooper for sitting in the back seat of van on the curvy roads in the middle of nowhere

-Dominic: he is the mao master… if you know you know

-Ian: needs work on his sweeping #flicker

-Tyler: takes TEN years to climb up a ladder or climb down

-Kyle: needs to download better music for when there is no service or wifi at our worksite.

I’m very happy with our group, especially with how well we work together. I can’t wait to see what we get done tomorrow!!!

Shoutout to our awesome group leaders for making this trip happen and for making this mission trip so much fun!

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