The ABC’s of Mission Trip 3

ABCs of Mission Trip 3 by Jeff Crague

A is for attitude…amazing, positive, and caring

B is for bug spray…a necessity during our work on farms and in gardens

C is for Cinderella…we saw a wonderful production at the Muny in Forest Park

D is for donuts…Kyle brought some from Worlds’s Fair Donuts

E is for emergency room…we had a slight scare, but fortunately everything is okay

F is for foosball…we had fun playing human foosball with our new friends in the community

G is for go…always on the go!

H is for heat…and humidity!

I is for Italian food…who knew that Kyle was such a great chef…he showed some of the youth some good cooking methods

J is for Jackson…both of them

K is for Kyle…Pastor Kyle does an awesome job!

L is for laughter…the youth spent a lot of time in laughter and fellowship on this trip

M is for Mia…we celebrated her birthday on the trip

N is for nice…which describes all of the youth and all of our new friends that we made

O is for odd…food combinations tried by Kyle…like a vanilla Oreo with hot sauce and bread and butter pickle (and it’s really not half bad)

P is for Pappy’s BBQ…voted the best BBQ in the Lou and a great treat on Wednesday

Q is for quantity…mass quantities of food were consumed

R is for rest…which is well deserved after this trip

S is for St. Louis…the site of our mission work this week

T is for Ted Drewes…a St. Louis icon known for its frozen custard

U is for unique…which describes the opportunity that the youth have on mission trips and all of their personalities

V is for victory…winning at card games was a source of pride during the trip

W is for weeds…large quantities of weeds were pulled this week

X is for xtra…a theme for some on this trip

Y is for youth…the youth are a great group and do extraordinary things!

Z is for zoo…no trip to St. Louis is complete without a visit

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