Opening Thoughts

Today, many of our Jr. High youth begin their first ever mission trip. I am exited to see how they grow this week. Here are some of their thoughts going into this week:

I’m excited to have the experience of helping others. I’m also excited to meet new people and make new friends.


I’m really excited to meet the people that we help and just to be in a new city/state. I’m also excited to challenge myself.

I’m really excited to help people that need it.

I’m very exited to see lots of smiles and happy faces

I’m excited to see all the different sites.

I’m really excited to help people and meet new people

I am really excited to have new experiences through helping people and hopefully learn more about myself throughout this week.

I’m excited and nervous because this is my first mission trip.

I am excited to meet new people and help people in need.

I’m excited to go out of my comfort zone and grow my faith.

I am exited to meet new people, help others, and work hard at different places!

I am looking forward to helping others, showing my faith, and making people smile because it makes me feel so good!

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