Last Day!!

Detroit has been my 4th mission trip and I can say it has been a blast. The hard work we’ve done throughout this week was tough to get through but well worth it in the end. All of us powered through together and ended up bonding once again. Today was the last work day and it was a hot one. My group went back to Regina’s house which we had previously gone to. We painted the windows but there was some problems that occurred along the way with the taping. We were hot and tired but we knew that if we tried our best it would turn out alright. After working most of the day we came back and went downtown for some coney dogs. I’m pretty picky though so I had a thrilling plain hotdog. We got some ice cream afterwards and it was scrumptious mmm. Coming back to the church I was exhausted and I am sad but also ready to get back to Indiana. This week has been an amazing experience and will never be forgotten.

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