Day 4 | Thursday

This morning we woke up at about 7:10 am then we went down stairs and started are day. We were working with the founders of Resource Community Devlopment Corporation Ada and Arthur. Ian, Tyler, Mr. Burhenn , Mrs. Lindsey, Arthur and I weed whacked and mowed a giant open yard. There were weeds everywhere and Mrs. Linsey did a really good on the riding lawn mower, and Arthur used the chainsaw. We finished fast and everything looked really good. While we were doing weed whacking a couple blocks away the other groups were working. Braden, Savannah, Taylor and Mr. Craig worked really hard and completing there two flower beds really fast and really well. The other group of Nick, Paige, Olivia, Ava, Brady, Matthew and Kyle did really good on here two flowerbeds also. At about noon we had a lunch break and had fun but after the break we went right back to working. We went to a new place right around the corner it was messed up. It had big branches hanging in the sidewalk and lots of cracks in the side walk. There where weeds everywhere and straight away we got to work. But one by one the weed whackers stopped working. Until it was only Mr. Burham and Mrs. Linsey the weed whackers were not he best quality and Mr. Burhams was really heavy and nice, the riding lawn mower was slow but worked so we separated into the other groups. Tyler and I helped Dan Dan, Hailey and Arthur fed the trees, and attached a tree to a metal rod because it was tilted twords the street. We worked as hard as we could hammering the rod into the the ground it was hard. While we where doing that Mr. Craig, Braden, Savannah, Matthew and Brady were trimming the long branch’s and Bush’s that were around the sidewalk. Nick, Paige, Olivia and Ava all picked up trash and debree and you could see trash anywhere they did really good. We had worked really hard we joked around had fun made a difference. Thats what all of us came here to do make a difference and bring back this amazing city called Detroit.

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