Day 3 Review from Lindsey

Hump day on GCC HS Mission trip was full of life lessons…

😴 Sleep – is does a body good. Just like you put your oxygen mask in before you help others on a plane, you have to take care of yourself so you can help care for others. We slept in just a bit today and it made a world of difference. The sugar in the Dutch Girl Donuts might have helped just a tad!

🎧 Luxuries taken for granted. NOAH offers support to the homeless including a mailing address. Yes a mailing address… did you ever think of that as a luxury? What could you do without an address? How would you fill out paperwork for assistance or jobs? Also they offer computer access… some people just sit at the computer to listen to music. Listening to music, a luxury…? Yes, yes it is.

🌇Beauty is all around, sometimes where you least expect it. We enjoyed our meager sack lunch in the rooftop garden of Central United Methodist Church and the views were fantastic! I didn’t think I’d describe Detroit as being beautiful, did you? But it is…from multiple angles high and low. Yes, views from up high because the rooftop garden was on the roof…just in case you wondered!

🌀The line isn’t always straight, the process isn’t always tidy (even though every ounce in my body wants it to be just as planned!) In the midst of chaos, we can accomplish great things. Despite confusion, contradictions, and lack of clarity at our afternoon site, we left the place more beautiful than when we arrived having hauled & spread mulch, created beds & paths, transplanted plants, moved dirt, moved rocks, laid brick edging, weeded.

☘️ Leaves of three, let them be! Enough said!

🤦🏼‍♂️If you stop vehicle when it’s pulling away so you can get something out of the back, it would be wise to close the door after you get said item out of the back. Crisis averted. We did NOT leave our belongings strewn down the street.

🤣 Laughter brings people together… A trivia game where you can’t talk or are simultaneously playing Simon Says. And, the most bizarre card game I’ve ever not learned but still played – Mao. Playing cards, in silence, with pranks, unknown rules, and ridiculous motions and sayings just trying to guess the rules is a way to laugh *with* people doing stupid things, boost Rev. Kyle’s ego as he plays the Mao Master, and finish our day in community and lighthearted laughter.

Laugh often, Live well, Love all!

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