Day Two Review by Lindsey

Full and deep is the best way to describe day 2 on the GCC HS mission trip. Full in that the experiences and education touch all parts of body, mind, and soul – some in deep and meaningful ways.

❤️Anything living and growing together becomes completely entwined in one another whether it be people or large weeds, small trees, and chain linked fences. In the case of the latter, wire cutters to the rescue!

🧡Detroit and Indianapolis are similar in a lot of ways….now I have you thinking!

💛An amazing organization is one that works not only to improve and sustain the neighborhoods as part of its mission but also to teach and empower the volunteers. Ada and Arthur are the A-team of Amazing.

💚People are willing to close themselves in a pitch black luggage compartment of a bus solo if it means changing from pants to shorts. We are resourceful!

💙Move over Louve, I’m in love with the Detroit Institute of Art. We learned about the industry and history of Detroit, the advances of medicine, the dangers of factories, the political struggles, the forward thinking of equal rights, the interplay between the blue collar and white collar world all from the coolest mural I have ever seen that is intricate, bright, vibrant, and about 80 years old. We traveled to a French gothic chapel (down the hall) and watched the strength of a woman not spilling the milk. Deep, very deep.

💜A ridiculously over the top compliment that I “look too young to drive” added a little pep to my 40 something falling apart step today!

❤️ Food served in small sizes (sliders) fills you up just the same with big flavor. Kyle Houston Brown has a gift for finding food gems! Don’t ask what kind of meat is on a Chicken Caesar slider…

🤪Fine is a word that I think I’ll drop from my vocabulary. Such a small benign word with all kinds of crazy lurking beneath the surface.

💔 We are broken, the world is broken. News is filled with stories that break our hearts – dad and daughter losing their life in search of a better life, a teacher loosing their job for loving someone.

Wherever you are, please join us – let’s set the world on fire with love!


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