1/2 Day of Work, Full Day of Play

Hi I’m Hailey Allton, I am going to be a sophomore this coming school year and this is my 3rd mission trip with the GCC Youth. Today was a fun filled day, we started off our day bright and early for group pictures. Then headed off to our worksite. We did a bunch of yard work, me, Lindsay and Craig did some serious damage to a fence and some trees. We had to use some serious muscle to get the trees untangled from the wire fence. It was a lot of wire cutting, pulling wire out of roots and so much more. We also learned a bit about the organization we were working with. The lady we were working with, Ada, actually started the nonprofit organization. We learned about the broken window theory. It’s where if you have a broken window you should board it up or else people might come by and do more damage on that street. After we left the worksite we went to the DIA (detroit industry of art) and took a mini tour with Willie and learned about some real cool art. Then we went to a strip mall type thing and I got a shirt. Next we went back to the church for some downtime. Then we headed out to Green Dot who is famous for their sliders and I can’t stress this enough, they were absolutely amazing. After that we went to a tigers baseball game, and that was our end of our fun filled day! I can’t wait for the rest of our Motown Mission week!

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