Day 1

Hi! My name is Taylor Burket and I am going into my junior year. This is my 5th mission trip with GCC Youth. Today was our first official day in Detroit. We all were working on houses, and my group painted a porch and painted a fence. While driving around to our worksites, we got a glimpse of the city and I’m really excited to get to explore Detroit and help in as many ways as I can. I’m looking forward to spreading kindness around the city of Detroit and seeing the hard work this week has in store.

Hi it’s Savannah Dixon and I’m going to be a freshman. This is my third mission trip with Geist Christian Church Youth. Today we went to houses and fixed some minor things but had great improvement. Unfortunately there was a miss communication with my group so we ended up painting a porch that was not supposed to be painted. We then had to sit and wait for a while so Carl could bring us grey paint as the owners of the house wanted. Then Carl informed us that all of their grey paint had run out so we have to wait until Wednesday to get more grey paint and to finish the porch. I was frustrated because we did all of the work to paint it and then we had to sit and wait for two hours to end up getting no paint. I wanted to help out with things around their house but I couldn’t. I hope tomorrow I can be more active and helpful. Although it was not a perfect day, I can’t wait for more opportunities to brighten someone’s day this week!

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