New Construction: New Day

My name is Sarah Renfro, and although I have been on a lot of mission trips, this is my first time to the Housing Development Alliance in Hazard, KY. I feel like I have come a little bit home since my mom grew up not far from here. The meal we had tonight was something she had regularly growing up in Pippa Passes, KY at Alice Lloyd College, where her dad Will Hayes was the president. I have loved working with these young people, sweating alongside them, as we work on a new build. Today was so great because we finished the front porch to the home for Molly and her family, and we wrapped the outside of the house. The students work so hard and well together, and our crew motivates, teaches, and is patient with us as we learn new skills. And we got milkshakes! Hammers and nails have become our friends even as our relationship as a group has grown. I was also fortunate enough to spend time at the other site removing mortar from reclaimed concrete blocks. Tough work but necessary to make a strong foundation for an existing home. The projects we are working on this week are much more than a side project for students during the summer, but are the literal and figurative building blocks to a life of stability and hope.

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