Let the journey begin

Hey! It’s Alyson Bradtmiller & Olivia Rubick and this is our second mission trip together! We’re so excited to get closer to each other and other peers on this trip. It’s going to be a blast to get in touch with ourselves and God. This week we can’t wait to be able to build houses and help out in any way possible. We’re also very thankful because we hope this trip will help open our eyes to the world outside of Indy. We’re extremely grateful to be able to have this opportunity to broaden our horizons. Especially to have new experiences and memories that Hazard, Kentucky will bring us.

One thought on “Let the journey begin

  1. Great looking group! I know from the pictures you all are working hard and it is much appreciated by the local folks. Congratulations, save travels, and God Bless you ALL!


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