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This summer, the youth ministry team has three amazing youth mission trips planned for Geist Christian Church.  Two High School groups will go to Hazard, KY (June 17-22 & July 22-27), and one Jr. High group will go to Lexington, KY (July 15-20). These three week-long trips allow our youth to create and foster special bonds that will help them become accountable to each other and God. They are powerful life-changing experiences, and we want you to join us on our transformation and journey. During our weeks away, we will be making daily posts that will inform you, the reader, of what we have experienced and done throughout the day.  Our “God Moments” will be a way for you to see how the Divine is working in and through us during the week, as an extension of Geist Christian Church.  We hope you enjoy the ride as we put our faith into action.

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