Nashville Day One: 3 Perspectives

Brenna (8th grade): Today, I woke up peacefully. I made myself some breakfast, and some lunch. We got on the bus. Then we dropped the boys off to help prep food at Luke 14:12, a nonprofit here in Nashville. After we got to the destination we saw a dog named Wrigley. Then we headed to Safe Haven, a shelter home for families experiencing homelessness. We moved school supplies into the van. After we got to the destination we unloaded. After we unloaded all the school supplies we reloaded the van with housing stuff for a family. After that, we went to go get the boys. On todays mission I learned that stereotypes about people experiencing homelessness are not true at all.

Laila (8th grade): Today I woke up to Lion King theme song next we all got ready and hit the road the bus was super fun I learned a lot about homeless work and a lot of cool thing I didn’t know before after all that we came home and talked about pray partners and then just talked afterwards.

Taylor (sophomore in college): Today was our first day in Nashville. We started our day with dropping the boys off at a food pantry while the rest of us headed to Souls for Soles to collect school supplies to take back to Safe Haven. One packed in the van we headed back to safe haven and unloaded the van, and then reloaded the van with more housing supplies. We then picked up the boys from their mission, and brought them back to Safe Haven. We then did some more stuff there and spent some time digging deeper into homelessness and learning some personal stories from people who have experienced homelessness through watching a video. We then spent some time outside, and went back to the church to eat a meal provided by Woodland Christian Church. I’m looking forward to the ways we can help the community in Nashville, and am hoping to build better connections this week and see God through our mission.

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