Connecting in Fort Worth: Day 1

The day started off early with a 7am wake up followed by breakfast. Some youth members took advantage of the large stove top grill and cooked up some eggs, while others ate bagels, yogurt, and fruit. The group then traveled to Catholic Charities where they participated in a game simulating poverty for a month. They successfully made it to the end of the month with $76 to spare. Returning to the church for lunch some members once again made good use of the grill cooking up some grilled cheese sandwiches. We then joined a zoom meeting learning more about Week of Compassion, the Disciples of Christ relief, refugee and development mission fund, and the benefits it brings to refugee families. The youth then made TikTok’s on the topic of refugee resettlement. The group finished off the night by eating a fried chicken dinner graciously prepared by our host church, Ridglea Christian Church, and hearing the stories of Fiyori Kidane, a daughter of refugees resettled in Indianapolis and a Fishers High School graduate! It was a great day of connecting and eating some good food.

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