Day 4

The last day of the mission trip did not disappoint. We switched the groups, and I was a little bummed about not getting to be with team ditch and our amazing carpenters, but day four was fun nevertheless. We were up on the roof nailing down rafters over the support beams all morning. Personally, I was not looking forward to being on a roof for a third day, but the work that we got done was incredible. We got all of the roof decking nailed by hand, no nail gun. We also took out the roof support beams and worked on the structure of the house to prepare it for dry-wall. Everyone was working so hard, and the blisters on our hands are proof. Working with our carpenters, Phillip and Steve, was the highlight of my day. They were constantly encouraging me, being patient, and making me laugh. I saw God in all of our carpenters this week, but especially these two. Driving to and from the worksites was

also a time that I connected with God. Even though the curving roads made me nauseous, the landscape was beautiful and allowed me to connect with God. The other youth and our leaders were yet another place where God was evident. This was my first mission trip, and being able to connect so quickly with my group and the other kids in general was amazing. The effort that Kyle, Jeff, and Claire put in to make this trip possible for us did not go unnoticed. I especially am grateful for Kyle because he was exhausted on the fourth day, but he was still up on the roof with us and doing his best to be positive. Lastly, for as much as I complain about him, this was the only mission trip I will get to do with my brother in the youth group. Dominic was constantly making sure I was feeling ok, had enough to eat, and was comfortable on the roof, and I am ao thankful to have such a godly brother. I

have made so many friends and memories this week, and I could not have asked for a better first mission trip.

Carly Minatel

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