Tuesday Review

It never ceases to amaze me at the full-heartedness of the youth. We began the day at Kamp Kessa, which is a horse farm that assists people with developmental disabilities. We met Mr. H and Dr. T who own the kamp. The youth assisted with pulling burrs, staining a deck, sorting trash piles, and many other tasks. Kyle even made friends with a horse who wandered into one of the barns where we were cooling off. He tried to assist her in leaving, but she wasn’t having it so Mr. H had to step in. We closed our time there with a circle where we shared about our experience. It was very eye opening. In the evening we assisted with a ministry called Moveable Feast. This group delivers hot meals daily to those stricken with HIV/AIDS and those who are on hospice who can’t ordinarily get out to get a healthy meal. The youth learned about the AIDS epidemic and why this is needed. The youth heard stories about the people and shared how much they learned about them and the joy that they got from delivering these meals. Overall they have been extremely flexible on this trip. Not all things have gone as planned, and they have really rolled with the changes.

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