Housing Simulation

I’m Corinne and this is my second mission trip. Today I participated in the housing simulation game and it opened my eyes to a lot of the unfair and difficult things in adulthood. The first “day” of the simulation started off smoothly and then the process got more difficult. It seemed easy on the surface due to my partner and I both having jobs and college degrees, but got more and more difficult when completing one step would lead to having to go back and complete another step. For example, we would try to get housing which would cause us to have to get our social security number. This was a long tedious frustrating process. After we finally were able to get housing, the next “day” we were told that we were being kicked out of our apartment because the landlord did not approve of homosexual relationships. This was very disheartening and frustrating we did everything right and even put down a deposit for the apartment but were now being discriminated against and kicked out for something unfair. This opened my eyes to what adults and people in all different minority groups have to deal with when just trying to get the essentials they need to live. This was a frustrating simulation but very enlightening. 

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