Hump Day

🎈🎉Celebrate Good Times,

Come On! Let’s Celebrate! 🎉🎈

🕶Kyle & The Gang have much to celebrate in STL today on this momentous occasion marking the twelfth year of the birth of Mia Jeannine Schiesser. 1️⃣2️⃣🤱🏼

🎸⏰We celebrated morning wake up with The Beatles speaker meticulously placed under the Birthday girl’s bed…you say it’s your birthday, Mia?

🍩 We celebrated breakfast with a flaming World’s Fair donut, song, balloons, and streamers.

🏠We celebrated an organization that provides support and long term (2 year) transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. Our mad cleaning skills and HGTV Hillary & JoAnne transformed a couple apartments, now ready for their next clients.

🦵We celebrated news from the doctor that one of our own, who was injured in a wheelbarrow accident at an urban farm, suffered only a bad bruise, no break or tear.

💬💔We celebrated a safe place for brave discussions as we delved into prejudice, racism, and the history of the Delmar Divide.

🐖🍝We celebrated STL BBQ visiting the famous Pappy’s. They have a quick and efficient process to serve the long lines in the picnic like dining area. Man there are a lot of smokers! And, Kyle celebrated the birthday girl that doesn’t like BBQ by bringing her spaghetti!

🎭We celebrated the Arts at the historic Muny theater in Forest Park and celebrated with Cinderella that because… (we are) building up impossible hopes….things are happining everyday, It’s possible!

⚡️💨We celebrated the safety provided by our super power storm shield as severe thunderstorms blew over and around us (much like Detroit) allowing us to enjoy the performance with only a drop!

🍺 I celebrated (surviving) day 3 with an ice cold cider! Actually, that didn’t happen, but wouldn’t it have been nice? Maybe in my dreams tonight…

😒😬😴As expected, we are weak, weary, and grumpy after day 3; yet we have served much, learned much, loved much, and have so much to celebrate as we rest up for our final day of service!

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