Puerto Rico

I entered this week with an open mind and heart, ready for whatever I would be faced with. I leave being able to say that my expectations were surpassed. Even though I have partaken in mission work in the past, this trip was the most impactful. I felt a personal connection to both the people and the culture. Surrounded with scenery overwhelmingly beautiful, I was left me in awe of Gods work. Though, witnessing the aftermath of hurricane Maria left a melancholy feeling in my heart as I wish there was more I could do to help. The tasks that we were given pushed us to push each other. Even when the conditions were difficult to endure, we did and we did our absolute best. Seeing the faces of those who we helped light up with gratitude made me proud to say that I am apart of Geist Christian Church. – Elsi Miranda 2021

The week began very differently than I expected, and I almost felt as if the trip wouldn’t have been as fulfilling as I had previously hoped, but that all changed when I arrived to the house I worked on for 3 days. The change we made on one house was honestly enough for me to understand the change we made. The work we did along with the difference in our living space, the shift in culture, and the placement out of my comfort zone made for a week that changed my perspective is on struggle. – Max Hoffman 2021

I began this week being unsure of what I should expect in the coming days, concerned about the different culture, the hard work, and the uncommon group of people. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how inviting the group I embarked on this trip with were. Throughout the week we were able to finish multiple projects that would’ve otherwise been incomplete. We met and spoke with many residents of Puerto Rico, specifically the contractors working by our side and the owners of the homes our groups were stationed at this week. The overlying mentality of everyone we had the privilege of meeting this week was one of earnest gratitude, and that is something that I believe will never leave my mind. I went into this week unsure, and left humbled and thankful. – Coleman Latty 2019

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