Thoughts on worship last night.

I felt a feeling like no other. Although I didn’t understand most of what was spoken, I could feel the energy in the room and it was like no other. I absolutely loved it because I felt like I was apart of it although I didn’t understand what was being said. The energy in the room made me feel closer to God, and it was a worship experience I will never forget.

I could barely understand a word they were saying, but I felt the energy from everyone in worship. I felt the energy from the people at church because they were all singing, clapping and raising their hands. I bet many of those people had long work days like we did and they were probably tired like us. They still stayed awake to go to church and stand up for two hours.

At times it was frustrating because I couldn’t understand what the people were saying and at times, what was going on. However, I did feel God’s presence and a sense of community in that room. When someone prayed, they did it with so much passion and heart that it would be hard to not feel God’s presence. At the end, some people from the congregation came up towards the front and started praying. Others from the congregation prayed with them and hugged them. They showed so much compassion for each other. It was an amazing experience I will never forget.

At church yesterday, I found that it was hard to understand what everyone was saying because of how it was all in Spanish. I felt the spirit during the service because everyone had an energy that I don’t usually experience when I go to church in Indiana. I really enjoyed the service and it was a good experience to be apart of.

Even though I didn’t understand most of the service, I could feel that what the pastor was saying was powerful and emotional and really connected with his congregation.

I felt very welcomed and a part of last night’s worship. The energy coming from the people is something I have never experienced in the church, even though I couldn’t understand the sermon, I felt as if their energy during songs and healing was enough for me to get a full experience.

I felt kinda lost not being able to understand what they were saying and I felt out of place because they do lots of different stuff compared to what we do.

At last nights worship I felt really close to home. I grew up going to a hispanic church just like that and to be able to share the experience with others was a blessing. Being the only one that could actually understand what was being said made everyone else more self aware of what it feels like to come to the U.S and having that language barrier.

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