Slow start, strong finish.

Today was really fun. I am in Mary Jo’s group, and worked on a house that had no furniture. Throughout the day we set up and installed cabinet’s, and swept the floors. We also power washed the roof. Once our work was finished, we joined another group and helped them finish painting walls. My highlight was the bakery following dinner. We took a road trip to honor Kade and Ethan’s Birthday. It was a really fun day and I am glad to be in Puerto Rico. – Kaitlyn Russell.

Although there were some obstacles, it was an overall good day. I am in Kyle’s group and we power washed the roof of sweet Margarita’s house. In the beginning, there was not much work for us to do. Kyle, Shelby, Max and I were all frustrated because we wanted to help. I have realized that patience is key and that you have to have a positive attitude. The highlight of my day was definitely seeing Margarita’s face when we were finished. Even though she only speaks Spanish and we could not understand her, she brought joy to my day. I am excited to get back to work tomorrow! – Maddie Moore

Today was a really cool experience. My group helped at the home of a family who lost almost all of their house to hurricane Maria. I got to meet the mom of the family and it warmed my heart to see her face light up when we showed up to help. We took a picture with her, then we waited to start working. My group waited for almost two hours for the crew to figure out what we were doing, then we had to wait for the paint. It is hard when we are on a mission trip, but we have to be patient and sometimes do nothing when the crew we are working with has no work for us. I felt bad for not working and sitting there while the crew was working really hard. Then, the paint came and we were able to paint the inside of the upstairs floor completely white. The painting was challenging because we were painting a bright blue wall that was covered in dirt and paint chips white. I loved working hard on this house; and I wanted to make it as nice as possible for this family so they could enjoy a functional new home after they lost everything. ~Fiona Wray

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