Today we got to worship with the Metropolitan (Disciples of Christ Church) and it was an amazing experience. Everyone was so welcoming and nice there, and the whole experience was so energetic and up lifting. Something that brought me joy was singing songs with them during service because everyone was so into it and just in the moment and I loved it. I also thought it was interesting how the sermon had multiple topics that were talked about.

-Abby Groom

Today our group went to a nearby church Metropolitan (Disciples of Church) for a morning sermon. It was very energetic and welcoming with everyone singing the songs and clapping along. Even though we did not know many of the words, we understood part of it, and with the help of a translator, felt the meaning of these songs more deeply. After the service, we went to a local restaurant for lunch that had lots of traditional Puerto Rican foods. After that we went to Old San Juan to walk around and look at all sorts of shops. On the walk we found a snow cone vendor and stopped to get something to eat. After walking around in bazaar type area, we packed up our leftover snacks and drinks and got into the bus we have rented. We stopped to get pizza on the way back to our base camp, and had to wait for around 45 minutes to get our pizzas. We played games like telephone, charades, and other small games to pass the to pass the time and have fun. Finally our pizza got finished and we got on our way. around half an hour later we all sat down to enjoy dinner and each other’s company.

-Javyer Burtner

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