Opening thoughts

I’m looking forward to helping those affected by the hurricane and am also looking forward to the new people and culture I’ll be introduced to this week. – Coleman

I’m looking forward to trying to understand and gain closeness too another culture. I’m hoping I can positively affect someone’s life and watch progress happen before my eyes. -Kade

I am excited for this trip to be able to help people while experiencing a new culture. I also hope that we get to interact with some of the kids around here. -Dominic

I hope to help out a family if not more than one family. I want to be able to see my work helping someone else. I hope to see our group having fun while helping others. -Logan

I hope to learn more about the culture and people through building relationships in our travels whether that be in construction or any other miscellaneous activities. Above all I hope to enjoy the week and to build relationships with the people with me and God. – Max

•I want to get to know this culture

•I want to help people who really need it. – Fiona

I hope I get to use a nail gun because i loved using it on the last mission trip. i’m also interested in seeing the different parts of puerto rico and how the hurricane affected it. i’m also excited to meet new people and hope to hear some stories. – Shelby

i hope during this mission trip i can see God through the people i’m with and the work i’m doing. i can make new friends and build stronger relationships and experience new things. – Abby

I am hoping to use this trip as a way for me gain a stronger connection with God through the work we will be doing. I am looking forward to a week of reflection and to really embrace the world god has created for us. this trip is an opportunity for me to value what I have and give back. – Elsi

I hope to see a lot of the culture in Puerto Rico and get to know other people I am working with. I also hope to see a finished product from the work we do. – Hannah

During this mission trip, I hope that my relationship with God and my faith will grow. I’m so excited to meet new people and experience the different culture! – Maddie

I want to help make homes better living conditions, I want to go scuba diving, and I want to go to a different cultures church – Kaitlyn

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