New Year! New Trips…

For our 2019 Youth Mission Trip, our Senior High youth will have two exciting options to serve and grow their faith. These two options from which to choose are below:

Our first option is Puerto Rico from June 8-15, 2019. During our time in Puerto Rico, our Senior High will partner with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) relief organization Week of Compassion, as we continue to rebuild areas that were devastated by Hurricane Maria. During our week, we will help on various phases of construction/rehab. The exterior work includes roofing and installing windows and doors, and interior work includes framing or finishing work, flooring, and painting. This trip offers many wonderful opportunities for us to make a difference for the people in Puerto Rico and to gain a broader scope of those in need on a global level.
Our second option is Detroit from June 23-29, 2019. During our time in Detroit, our Senior High will participate in a Methodist-affiliated mission experience called Motown Mission. Motown Mission is an urban ministry designed to connect young people to Wesleyan principles of faith and service. During our week, they will create opportunities for us to help the people in the city fight poverty and other effects of the economic crisis. Our actions will be complemented with moments of prayer and reflection, as we explore how God is changing lives and transforming hearts. Motown Mission motivates people to act in constructive, appropriate and loving ways both now and in the future, challenging individuals to consider ministry and service as an essential daily part of living out their faith.

For our 2019 Youth Mission trip, our Junior High students will join forces to participate in a Presbyterian-affiliated mission experience called Amen St. Louis. Amen St. Louis is an urban ministry designed to educate youth about how poverty, homelessness, systematic racism, and many other issues are impacting St. Louis. Through the week, youth will get their hands dirty working with partner agencies who are addressing these issues directly.  During the evening, youth will be encouraged to pray and reflect about how they might be a part of this kind of work in their own community once they return home.

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