Rehab: Last Day

My name is Logan Ayres, I’m currently on the Hazard, Kentucky mission trip. In this mission trip, we split up into two groups. One group of four and everyone else in the other group. I was in the group of four, and we did some renovations to a house that had mold problems. We started by making the sub-floor for the kitchen, and then we ripped up part of the family room and cleaned up down there. Then we went to the porch and then fixed the slanted parts by putting in new posts. My favorite part is when we hammered in the sub-floor. My least favorite part is when we had to take the mortar off of the concrete bricks. Another bad part was that I got bit over a hundred times (not joking) by chiggers, it does not feel good. But overall I would say this is my favorite mission trip so far because of the amount that I worked.

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