New Construction: Foundation and Fun

My name is Fiona and this is my third mission trip, my name is Sophie and this is my second mission trip, and my name is Hannah and this is my third mission trip. Today we started a new construction for a family. We started by digging a trench to pour the concrete for the foundation of the house. We put in metal beams to keep the concrete straight. At the site, the family who we were building for had puppies. When we took breaks, we got to play with the puppies. During our breaks, we also got to know the homeowner. The three of us got to tie down and lay down the rebars (which are metal bars) with wires all around the perimeter of the house. The homeowner was really kind to us. He brought us chairs, a fan, and popsicles. When we waited for the cement truck to come, we got to try out the caterpillar, one of the big machines. We also were able to watch the cement truck pour cement into the trench. We learned about patience waiting for the cement truck to come to the site.

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