High School Mission Trip (Fort Worth, TX)

Geist Christian Church

High School Youth Mission Trip

Fort Worth, TX

June 19-25, 2022

For our 2022 youth mission trip, our Senior High Youth travel to Fort Worth to work with Connect Ministries, a Disciples of Christ mission ministry. Connect’s goal is that through serving the community in Fort Worth, our youth will find connections to their community back home. Our work will be focused around welcoming and serving Refugees. We will work with non-profits like Refugee Services of Texas and the International Newcomers Academy and will range from setting up apartments to working with children during day camps. Each day the youth will have the opportunity to process and discuss their experiences at various locations around Fort Worth like the Fort Worth Water Garden, the campus of Texas Christian University, and the Fort Worth Stockyards.

As we near the date of the trip, a packing list will be provided. The youth are limited to one personal item, one carry-on and one checked bag. It is encouraged for youth to try to pack solely in a personal item and carry-on.

Mission Trip Prep Meeting: Sunday, May 15th at 4:00 (Promise Road Campus)

All youth are required to attend the Mission Trip Prep Meeting along with a parent or guardian on Sunday, May 15th at 4:00pm at the Promise Road Campus. At this time medical forms and trip covenants will be filled out and signed. Deposits for the trips will also be due on this date. Further details such a deeper look into schedules, a packing list, and time for Q&As will be shared.

Work Schedule

June 19, 2022              Meet at Mud Creek Campus at 9am, fly to Fort Worth

July 19 – 23, 2022      Work days

July 24, 2022              Free day in Fort Worth

July 25, 2022.             Fly back to Indianapolis, pick up at Mud Creek ~8pm


Your deposit of $200 for the Fort Worth mission trip is due on May 1, 2022 at the Mission Trip Prep Meeting. The final payment of $400 (totaling $600) for this mission trip is due by June 5, 2022. The youth will need to cover at least two meals in the airport during the trip. I also encourage them to bring some spending money for snacks and souvenirs throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to all of the connections this mission trip offers to bring our youth. On a personal note, I am excited to show them the city where I went to college and spent my formative years. While in Fort Worth they will have the opportunity to meet many people that are so important in my life, like Rev. Allison Lanza who served as one of my chaplains in college and founded and runs Connect! My parents will also be bringing our group dinner one night. Beyond the personal connections I will get to share with the youth, I know that the ones they will make in Fort Worth as they serve the community there will be lasting and impactful. God is stirring great things in the life of the Fort Worth community and in the lives of our youth. The combination will lead to even greater things for both our communities.

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