2022 Youth Mission Trips

Dear Youth and Parents,

It is with great joy that I say that Geist will be offering three mission trip experiences for our youth this summer. As we have learned in the midst of pandemic life, connection is as important as ever. These trips create special spaces in which youth can connect: with God, with others, and with themselves. These three points of connection are vital to faith formation and spiritual growth as well as personal and social development. Each trip will give our youth unique opportunities to foster and grow these connections.

All participants must attend the Mission Trip Prep Meeting on Sunday, May 15th at 4:00pm at the Promise Road Campus. To reserve a spot on this year’s trips, please sign up here.

For our High School youth, we will have two mission trip opportunities to Fort Worth, TX and to the Christian Conference Center in Newton, IA. 

  • Our trip to Fort Worth, TX will be in partnership with Connect Ministries, a Disciples of Christ organization. Connect’s goal is that through serving the community in Fort Worth, our youth will find connections to their community back home. Our work will be focused around welcoming and serving Refugees. We will work with non-profits like Refugee Services of Texas and the International Newcomers Academy and will range from setting up apartments to working with children during day camps. Each day the youth will have the opportunity to process and discuss their experiences at various locations around Fort Worth like the Fort Worth Water Garden, the campus of Texas Christian University, and the Fort Worth Stockyards. Cost: $600
  • During our staying at the Christian Conference Center, our High School youth will experience life at a Disciples of Christ summer camp while giving back. Our week at the camp will consist of multiple construction projects such as re-roofing, helping build a boat house, reconstructing bridges, and painting. While at the camp we will discuss what it means to connect to God through nature as well as serving others. Cost: $450

Our Middle School students will have one mission trip opportunity to Nashville, TN.

  • On our Jr. High mission trip we will join forces with Connect Ministries again at their site in Nashville, TN. During our trip we will connect to the Nashville community through work through the lens of Homelessness and Housing Injustice in the city. We will work with organizations such as Open Table, Safe Haven, and Room in the Inn. The youth will discussion at various locations around Nashville. This engaging trip will provide opportunities for middle school youth to connect with each other and their neighbors as they explore where God is moving and working in their lives and those around them.  Cost: $400

I am personally excited to connect further with our youth this summer as they explore these deep connections around them. These wonderful opportunities harbor so much room for grow in faith and relationship, with God, others, and self. I can’t wait to see what amazing things our youth will do this summer. 

With great joy & anticipation, 

Sam Copeland

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