Mission Trip Letter

Dear Youth and Parents,

I am excited to begin the sign-up process for this year’s Jr. High and High School Mission Trips. These trips will be an important part of their faith formation, which allows them to connect to God and each other in new and dynamic ways. In 2020, we have three mission opportunities that will help your child identify and address the needs of those whom Jesus called “the least of these.” I hope you will prayerfully consider having your child attend one of these life-changing experiences.

For our Senior High youth, we have two exciting options from which to choose for them to serve and grow their faith.

  • Our first option is Hazard, KY from June 14-June 19, 2020. During our time in Hazard, our Senior High youth will participate in the Housing Development Alliance. The HDA is an organization that believes that safe, decent, and affordable housing is a fundamental human right. The HDA is an equal opportunity housing provider, which works with a variety of homeowners, including, but not limited to, young working couples with children, single parents, persons with disabilities, and elderly persons. During our week, we will volunteer on various phases of construction, from shingling to digging footer drains, framing floors and walls to painting or landscaping. We hope that this week-long program will create an environment that will encourage youth to probe deeper into their faith and how they can help in a community that is so close to home. Cost: $450, RSVP April 12.
  • Our second option is Memphis, TN from June 28-July 3, 2020. During our time in Memphis, our Senior High youth will participate in a Disciples of Christ mission experience called Disciples Summer Mission. Disciples Summer Mission is a ministry designed to connect young people to other Disciples of Christ congregations and to the city of Memphis as they learn about their faith and grow in service. During our week, they will create opportunities for us to help the people in the city through a variety of mission experiences. Our actions will be complemented with moments of prayer and reflection, as we explore how God is changing lives and transforming hearts. Disciples Summer Mission motivates people to act in constructive, appropriate and loving ways both now and in the future, challenging individuals to consider ministry and service as an essential daily part of living out their faith. Cost: $450, RSVP April 12.

Our Jr. High students will have one mission trip opportunity to serve and grow their faith.

  • Our Jr. High mission trip is July 11-17, 2020. We will join forces to participate in a Presbyterian-affiliated mission experience called Mission Immersion, an urban ministry designed to educate and challenge participants to reach out to the “least of these” by exposing them to the plight of lower-income and individuals experiencing homelessness in Lexington, KY. Through a variety of social ministries, youth will use their gifts and strengths as they engage and bring about change to those in the city. This urban mission experience will motivate people to act in constructive, appropriate, and loving ways, both now and in the future, challenging individuals to consider ministry and service an essential daily part of living out their faith. Cost: $350, RSVP April 12.

For many, this will be their first mission experience, so I encourage parents to email me at kyle.brown@geistchristian.org or call me at 859-396-9179 with any questions you have prior to the meeting.

I am excited about these opportunities to serve, and I look forward to watching your children grow in their faith, as they learn who God is calling them to be and how best to serve this world.


Kyle Brown



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